Jesus · still fighting

Kicked down, but getting back up

The earth creaked as though the heat of it’s core would burst out. The sun was red in the haze of the flame around her, but the woman felt no fear. She was a servant of the King and had been commissioned to go forth into the forest of the dead.  The corpse trees snapped like fireworks as the flames engulfed them and the stench overwhelmed her senses to the point of causing her vision to blur. Then she saw it. No. Him. Dusty grey from trekking through his own destruction. He stared at her and for a second he looked like he might shake the dust off and blink the wrath from his eyes, but then he saw the seal on her crest and knew she knew better then to be deceived by him. The King had trained all His warriors by hand and they knew their enemy liked to appear good. He had worn pure white as his scales, which looked like downy feathers when he walked, his eyes could become the purest of gold, seeming to draw you in with love, he could be such a charming monster. But his fangs dripped crimson and his talons oozed death; to come close to this handsome beast meant to sacrifice your life, your soul. Yet he had already lured away so many. The flames swirrled around her, rustling the chinks in her armor. She braced, Sword in hand and Shield raised, she was here to gain ground for the Kingdom. A moment of fear and doubt flashed through her mind and she shook it away, he was playing with her. Panic seized her and she fell to her knees, her stomach churned as her mind screeched-“ the King doesn’t really care you know. He’s just toying with you. You could die here and He sent you to this place. Is He really good? Does He truly exist? Have you seen Him? Was that really Him instructing you? Maybe it’s all in your head.” She couldn’t hear or think past the swirrling, she lifted her shield and hid behind it the best she could, but her mind wouldn’t stop. She sobbed bitter tears and screamed out the words in her head as they came, directing them at the King, nothing made sense, she gripped her sword harder and found pain, where was the King anyway? Why was she alone? Why wasn’t He here fighting too. Blood hit her face like rain and she knew it was over. She peered out past her shield and saw Him. Somehow, she wasn’t as surprised as she felt she should have been. His arms were outstreatched defending her, blood seeped from a gash in His side, His head bled like a wet crown of red- “get up. Get up and fight. I am right here, I was always here watching you, get up. You have my Spirit as your weapon, you have Faith to shield you, fight! Fight daughter, fight! And don’t give up! Not ever!”
She stood, legs shaking from the attack. She turned her face and could see the King no longer, but His blood still covered her, and she knew He was still there. She stared at the monster, the thoughts began to spin again, she lunged forward at the beast and screamed her battle cry- “JESUS!”

The devil attacks us at our weak points, using lies to destract us from our King, from Jesus. We feel defeated so often, but if we remember who won the war and turn our thoughts on Him, we can take back the ground that the devil is fighting for.
Let the King guide you, let the name of Jesus be your battle cry, because His name drives out evil.

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