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Little lambs chasing butterflies

“What’s that?” The little lamb thought to herself as she watch a fluttering pink creature fly past on satin wings. She streatched out her nose and was rewarded with a slight breeze off of the tiny wings. Now she was really curious. Without a second thought she took off at a prancing trot, tail bouncing back and forth like a fluffy white pendulem. The pink winged creature fluttered up and down as it continued on it’s way, suddenly the lamb felt nothing beneath her hooves, she looked down as she began to fall. The lamb had no way of knowing that a butterfly could go past the cliff edge and she could not; outside of the fact that it could fly and she couldn’t.
The wind rushed past her in whirr and she closed her eyes. But the whirr ended almost as fast as it had begun, she looked down and saw the floor of the vally as a tiny dot beneath her, she tucked her tail in horror, maybe she could fly?
She ventured a look over her shoulder as she began to float back to the cliff, sweat streaking down his face, scrapes on his hands and feet, both hands wrapped around her waist, her shepherd hauled her back to land. He had seen her trot off and had been calling for her to come back, but she had not heard him, so he went after her. He saw that she did not see the ledge and had run to save her, catching her just as her hooves left solid ground and pulling her back to him. She nuzzled into him and he carried her back to the heard. What was one lamb to the shepherd? She was his precious treasure. Didn’t he have others? Yes, but all were precious to him.

How often do we see something pretty and trot off without looking back, leaving the safety of our shepherd behind? He calls us back and we either don’t hear Him or aren’t listening. Then we don’t see the fall coming, the big, ugly crash that knocks the wind out of us. But before we are destroyed our shepherd catches us and brings is back to Him and to safety, why? Because even one easily distracted lamb is precious to Him.

Thank you Jesus for running after me and catching me when I fall. Amen

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