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He is so important

In Jeremiah 3:16
God tells His people that when the Messiah comes the Ark of the covenant, the symbol of God’s presence will be gone and no one will even think to make a new one.
That must have been so scary to hear as someone who knew nothing but the Ark. But once Jesus came God’s presence was able to abide within us, it no longer needed a house because we became the vessel. Later on I read about God’s great anger at His people and admittedly I skimmed ahead, looking for where Jesus interceeds on our behalf, then I remembered that this was before Jesus died for us, our sins were not yet forgiven or paid for, there was no voice saying that we should be given another chance to repent and change.
We forget sometimes just how important Jesus is. He is the presence of God, He tore the vail and made something as Holy as The Ark of the Covenant no longer necesary, He made it so that we can pray and ask forgiveness. He died so that when God is angry with our sin He can say, ‘but I died to pay for that sin, give them another chance to do better.’ He reminds us that we screwed up and need to repent and change so we don’t make the same sin again, but He gives us the chance to do better, we have the opportunity to realize we messed up and fall to our knees and try to change. We no longer need someone to take a sacrifice to God for us. Jesus is the sacrifice for us.
He is so important. We must never forget that.

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