Recently I realized something that I should have known a long time ago, Jesus probably celebrated hanukkah. Going on this thought I became curious about the holiday/celebration, so I decided to research it. Up came the name Maccabees so I called my dad who is a theologian and has read all those books and got the rundown. It has been argued that the book of The Maccabees should have been added to the Bible for its history and of course for the miracle. It was not added however, so many don’t realize the significance of the books- the eight days of oil Miracle is just a part (a very important part) of the story. Over the next 6 days I want to cover a small section of the amazing true story of Hanukkah. Pronounced with an exaggeration on the ha, try not to soak anyone when you do that😉 I will only do six days because of Christmas.

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