Hanukkah-Day 2

Hanukkah- Day 2

Again Jesus watches a candle being lit, the blessings are said and the feasting continues. But what is the history behind it all? Why did this tradition start? Let’s begin with one of my favorite men of action, Alexander the Great. Yep, he’s where this all began. Go figure. I should specify as to not tread on any toes, I like Alexander for his contribution to the equin world, from what we know of horse history we owe a lot to Alexander and his breeding. I also think that if it was ever actually discovered, his Library would be cool. We find Alex doing what he did best, conquering.

Alexander iii of Macedon known as the Alexander Great the Greek General (His Father Phillip of Macedon united much of Greece, he was Macedonian but raised with Greek tutors) took over much of Asia including Palestine, Persia and North Africa. He died just before his 33 birthday (same age as Jesus) in 323 BC. It is said he divided his Kingdom amongst his 4 generals, but it is actually way more complex than him just giving the Kingdoms to 4 generals, with military clashes and political intrigue but 2 or 3 did rise to the top, so to speak. I have also heard that Alexander did not give his kingdom to any of his generals but instead they simply took and battled for his kingdom after he was dead. The latter making a fair amount of sense considering Alexander did have a son who should have inherited his whole Kingdom . Alex was married three times before his death and his last wife he had a son with but the boy was assassinated at the age of 14 . It doesn’t seem his generals had anything to do with that , but who knows ? They easily could have plotted against him . Ptolemy was over Egypt and Seleucus was Syria, Babylon, Persia, and India.

The Ptolemies controlled Palestine from 323 to about 200 BC then the Seleucids took over. (Cleopatra was a Ptolemy) The Ptolemies allowed Jewish religion. The Seleucid Antiochus iii seemed to leave them alone as well, but Antiochus iv known as Epiphanes was very pro Greek culture and started disallowing Jewish religion. Putting Greek friendly Jews in positions of power. Here’s where things really get interesting.


Larry VanBeek, doctor of Theology

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