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Don’t wait for the movie

Lent devotional 6

Don’t wait for the movie.

(I do have a point to this so bear with my beggining example)
In re-reading the Fellowship of the ring I have been reminded of the saying, “I’ll just wait for the movie.” Using LOTR as my example, the movies were all good, but in comparison to the books they seem like sad rip offs. No offense intended. The books have so much more to them right down to the description of the clothes. On top of that there are many, many, many scenes in the movie that are twisted and contorted out of context and sequence, so you lose much of the story line and plot.
People treat the Bible in this same way, (not that I am placing the two on the same shelf. One is fact. One is fiction. One brings amusement. One brings life.)
People act like movies about the Bible, devotionals or writings on the Bible, novels involving the Bible and so on, are fine reolacements for the actual thing. Many of these are good, but they are not intended to replace the original manuscript. As CS Lewis once said, “these things are good supplements, but they don’t replace the actual food.” In this he was speaking of his own writings, saying that they are fine additional studies for the Bible but do not and can not replace the actual thing.
There are many good movies and even TV shows done around the Bible and I, along with many others, applaud them. But again we’re getting the problem of people using the shows and movies as a replacement for the word of God. And like how the Lord of the Rings movie took sections of the book and change them and even added to them for the movie, which took away from great parts of the actual book, these movies on the Bible do the same thing. There is nothing wrong with that, as long as people remember that they are just creativly licensed copies and that there is still a need in their lives for the actual book it’s self.
Don’t wait for the movie. You’ll be missing out on the wonder and truth of the Book.

I am in no way criticizing or condemning these movies and TV shows. I believe they are good, and that we are blessed to have them. I also encourage you to rent and buy good movies and TV shows on the Bible as they will be a pleasent addition to your walk with God. My point is simply that they are not a replacement for the Bible itself.

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