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Modeling chocolate

Have you ever tried to form clay? Or modeling chocolate? Or fondant?
Anything you try to form into a new shape has one common problem, it wants to do it’s own thing. You try to form it one way, it shifts to another. You try to make it round, it goes pointy; you want it flat, it develops bubles; you try to make a fower and you get an elephant. Clay is paitence building and time consuming.
We are told that we are clay and that God is the Potter. He knows what he intends us to look like in the end, so he molds us, and then he fixes our cracks, and then he shapes us again. Just like modeling chocolate, every time God tries to put us into the shape he intended us to be we try and mold ourselves into the shape we think we should be. Where God intended a beautiful flower we are becoming a cracked and crooked elephant. What a blessing it is that God is patient. If he got bored or annoyed he could crumple us up and throw us away and give up entirely, but he doesn’t. He keeps working with us, shift by shift, small movement by small movement, until we begin to take proper shape. God has a perfect and beautiful plan to create us into something wonderful, if only we would stop trying to form ourselves into what we think is perfect, if we let go and let the Potter do his job we will become something beautiful In the end.

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