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Silent Wednesday

In the waiting

Today is silent Wednesday, silent because there isn’t really and event that happened today, it was more like a day of waiting. Waiting for the final bell to toll in this part of the story. The waiting must have been terrible. Imagine knowing the horrors that await you and still going forward to face them. So many can’t take the life they are in, too many give up before they have the chance to see the turn around, and these people don’t even know what lies ahead of them. Jesus knew what was coming and had the power to stop it. But for the sake of love, for the sake of me, He went forward. He knew His Father’s plan was perfect even though it would cause Him so much grief, the suffering didn’t change who His Father was in His eyes. He could have called down Legions upon Legions of angels to come and save Him. He could have simply took those who already loved Him with Him to Heaven and left the rest of us and not suffered at all. Yet He died and rose again, because that’s how much He loves us. Today would have been so hard for Jesus. Don’t let Him wait alone, stop and spend some time with Him today❤️ thank you Jesus for dying for me, even though I wasn’t yet born. You chose me, and I am grateful.

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