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I am a sinner, but I leave that all behind me and choose to follow the third man on the hill, the one the people call Jesus.

We are all the two thieves. We’ve either asked Jesus to remember us or we have mocked Him by not believing Him. The two thieves were a physical example of the two paths to take. A sinner set free by the blood of the Lamb – or a sinner still attached to his/her cross. You can choose to follow Jesus to Paradise or you can choose to stay the way you are. He leaves the decission up to you. But only one road leads to Heaven. Only one way takes you away from death eternal. Jesus is the only way- the choice is up to you.

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As the trumpet calls

Do we sometimes forget that Jesus is coming back?
As we go through our days it can feel like this world is forever spinning and never ending. It’s easy to forget that there is a greater purpose than this. It’s easy to get so caught up in the day to day that our minds completely lose focus on the fact that tomorrow, the next day, tonight, right now Jesus could be coming back. Jesus himself said that He did not know the hour that He would return. As the world and it’s forever spinning seems to be forever spinning off its axle I see people starting to fill with fear, that or they were full of fear already, because the world is a mess. I’m sorry but it is. Yes, it’s partly our fault, but we don’t need to look at this world with the fear that we will be here forever till it ends. When the world is finally burned up there will not be a single Christian on it. No matter if you are pre tribulation, mid tribulation, or post tribulation in the end when the world dies we will not be here. Let me repeat that we will not be here. Jesus is coming back. If you knew nothing else in your entire life except that one fact you would know the most important thing you need to know to survive. If there is no Jesus, there is no point. But we know there is a Jesus, our Jesus, and He is coming for His people.

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Only borrowing this body

Only borrowing this body

Old space movies often have a common thread. Body snatchers! Creepy right? Oh they give the body back, but do you want it after aliens have had it? Ewww.
Do we ever see ourselves as body snatchers? We who take our lives in our hands and take off with our own intentions, stealing ourselves away from God.
My body is not my own, God gave it to me and filled it with the Holy Spirit to be used by Him, Jesus bought my existence with His own blood. It is so easy to say, ‘my body, my soul, my life, my way.’ But none of the above are true. It is God’s body, His soul, His life, and if you fight His way you will end up in big trouble. Not necessarily with Him but with where your choices lead you. You are only borrowing this body until your soul goes to Heaven, the body is not yours to keep and to do with as you please. How often do we steal our lives from God and then later realize we need Him and give God back a used body? One we have taken from Him and used to go our own way? But as battered and worn and dirty our bodies are, God still takes them back and repurposes them for the will He originally intended. He doesn’t discard us as used goods; no matter how damaged we may seem after years of misuse. God is happy to clean us up and use us for His glory once again, that truly is love of an unconditional extent.

Jesus, please help us to return to you what is yours and to serve you with a heart full of love and compassion…amen

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Sometimes it feels like we are clinging to Jesus by a thin thread. Like we don’t have anything left but a desire to hang on. Standing on a dark expanse of crumbling stone and seeing nothing around to pull you out. The earth shakes and more of what you are standing on falls away into the pitch black below. All you have is a thread, not large enough to even hold onto. You know it will slip from your fingers if it is all you have to cling to so you wrap it around and around and around your hand until there is no slack left in it to keep wrapping. At that moment the ground gives way and you descend with the debris into the darkness. Suddenly the thread catches and you jerk to a stop praying the thread does not break. The thin material cuts into your hand as it holds your weight and the pain draws forth tears. You feel as though your one lifeline will slice right through you and drop you to the blackness below. Your eyes close as a light appears above. You feel two hands clasp upon your wrist and lift you up, the sting of the thread releases as it slowly drops away and you open your eyes to see that the pain of the thread that you thought would slice through you was the thread tightening as you were being pulled up away from the crumbling world below.
Jesus will NEVER let you truly fall. There will ALWAYS be a thread to cling to and that thread, no matter how painful it may seem at the time, will be helping you pull away from the discarded world that filled your view with darkness. Jesus will always be reaching down and drawing you up into His arms; trust Him, He IS there and He will not give up because of the pain we cause Him, because that same thread is wrapped around His hand as He draws us out, it cuts into Him the same way it cuts into us. Our hurt filled words that crush Him as we are dying inside will never make Him leave us. He stays and pulls us up into a healing hug and cries with us. Because He loves you. He loves us. He is love.