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Only borrowing this body

Only borrowing this body

Old space movies often have a common thread. Body snatchers! Creepy right? Oh they give the body back, but do you want it after aliens have had it? Ewww.
Do we ever see ourselves as body snatchers? We who take our lives in our hands and take off with our own intentions, stealing ourselves away from God.
My body is not my own, God gave it to me and filled it with the Holy Spirit to be used by Him, Jesus bought my existence with His own blood. It is so easy to say, ‘my body, my soul, my life, my way.’ But none of the above are true. It is God’s body, His soul, His life, and if you fight His way you will end up in big trouble. Not necessarily with Him but with where your choices lead you. You are only borrowing this body until your soul goes to Heaven, the body is not yours to keep and to do with as you please. How often do we steal our lives from God and then later realize we need Him and give God back a used body? One we have taken from Him and used to go our own way? But as battered and worn and dirty our bodies are, God still takes them back and repurposes them for the will He originally intended. He doesn’t discard us as used goods; no matter how damaged we may seem after years of misuse. God is happy to clean us up and use us for His glory once again, that truly is love of an unconditional extent.

Jesus, please help us to return to you what is yours and to serve you with a heart full of love and compassion…amen

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