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I wish we’d all been ready

Rapture will not stay lest mortals become divine and laws change too much- CS Lewis.

It’s something we don’t really think about ‘rapture will not stay.’ When the rapture comes it will be seconds in time, possibly even less. If we are not ready, then it will pass us by; there is no second chance, no third times the charm, it will be gone. If you are like me that thought will terrify you. Many people I have talked to say, ‘ya, I’m a good person I know I’m going to Heaven,’ but that is not enough. You have to follow God’s laws to the best of your ability and fall on God’s grace for those you seem to keep failing at. Don’t think that God is going to look at you and see that you gave money to a homeless man once and say ‘ok fine your in.’ God wants all of you, all to him, good deeds alone are not enough. Good deeds are necessary to show love but you must believe in Jesus and you must at least try to follow the age old saying, “what would Jesus do?” Remember Rapture will not stay. I am not trying to be offensive; remembering to serve is hard for everyone including me. Even the disciples failed to show love once in awhile, and I am sure that they broke God’s laws every so often, but they always repented and didn’t fall back on their good deeds. Okay yes some disciples did do the ‘look at all I’ve done for you Lord,’ thing, but they came around and saw their fault and repented. You must believe in Jesus to go to Heaven, but you also need to behave like a Christian, do your absolute best, that’s what God expects of us. The first step to truly being a Christian is to realize that Jesus loves you and me and the second is to show that love to others.

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A whole new world

Remember that famous scene from Aladdin when he takes Jasmine for the magic carpet ride? Do you recall how that scene began? It began with a simple question. Do you trust me?

How often does Jesus reach out His hand and ask, “do you trust me?” Do we trust Him? Are we confident that the carpet can hold us? Are we asking Him “is it safe?” And then realizing that God is never safe and finding that that scares us. Just like the Beavers said about Aslan, “of course He isn’t safe, but He is good”. Of course the ride isn’t going to be safe but God is good, all the time. We may not see it always, but God is always doing good for us. The tips of the updrafts and the smack of the wind may not always feel comfortable, but Jesus takes us out of our comfort zones so that we can find a ‘whole new world’. If we don’t ever step off the balcony we will never find the magic of the adventure.

Next point, remember how the Genie said (in humor) “always keep your hands and arms inside the carpet”? We must remember to always keep ourselves within the Holy Spirit. We can wander too far to the edge and fall away from Him. Yes He will catch you if you call on Him, but the fall is a horrible thing that is better to avoid. Within the carpet you Are safe, trying to walk on air by yourself is impossible.

There are a lot of carpets out there, but the only magic one that will take you on an amazing journey is the one with the savior holding out His hand, asking if you trust Him enough to let go of the edge and fly.

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The gift not under the tree

At Christmas time we think so much about gifts; giving and receiving. C.S. Lewis says that the greatest sacrifice was not on the cross but in the Manger. God reducing himself to a human baby to save the world. We mostly think of Jesus Himself when we think of Christmas, we don’t always acknowledge the sacrifice that God went through. There is no one on this earth who knows more love than a parent’s child, (Weather natural born or adopted). 

Jesus is in truth an only child. Being one myself I know what that means. It means that there is no one else for your parent to share their love with other than you. You are top on their list and are more valued than anyone else. Now think, God gave His most valued treasure to us to be mocked, beaten and murdered by us. Every tear Jesus shed God would have felt, every lash, every nail. I know that God turned His face away because of the sin Jesus took for us, but that doesn’t mean His heart wasn’t in agony for His beloved son. 

No one I know would sacrifice their child for anyone, let alone a world that mocked and hated them. So as God placed His child in Mary’s arms, knowing what would befall Him, He gave up the center of His heart to save us.


Set Free

What good is it for a man to gain the whole world but to lose his very soul? –Matthew 16:26
In The Voyage of the Dawn-treader, the group of main characters land on an island in search of provisions. While all the others are searching Eustace wanders off and stumbles across a dragon’s hoard. In his blind greed Eustace starts taking bits of treasure. But a dragon’s treasure is cursed and the boy turns into a dragon. Nearing the end of the book, Aslan has Eustace climb into a pool, Eustace tries to wash the scales off himself but fails, only when Aslan helps him do the layers and layers of skin finally come off.
In our lives sins pile up and cling to us, like a forbidden treasure, we keep on gathering more sins until we are so laden down that everyday is a struggle. Only when God offers to peel off our layers of sin will we finally be who we were created to be. We can’t remove the sins ourselves we must have Jesus to remove them by the purity of His sacrifice. By dying on the cross our sins were washed clean, and through knowing Jesus personally we can be made free from the bonds of this world. Sometimes it is painful to have the scaly sins stripped away, but in the end the healing balm of Christ’s eternal presence in our lives soothes the hurt and we can see how much greater it is to be scale free. Without Jesus we are trapped, with Him we are free.