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I wish we’d all been ready

Rapture will not stay lest mortals become divine and laws change too much- CS Lewis.

It’s something we don’t really think about ‘rapture will not stay.’ When the rapture comes it will be seconds in time, possibly even less. If we are not ready, then it will pass us by; there is no second chance, no third times the charm, it will be gone. If you are like me that thought will terrify you. Many people I have talked to say, ‘ya, I’m a good person I know I’m going to Heaven,’ but that is not enough. You have to follow God’s laws to the best of your ability and fall on God’s grace for those you seem to keep failing at. Don’t think that God is going to look at you and see that you gave money to a homeless man once and say ‘ok fine your in.’ God wants all of you, all to him, good deeds alone are not enough. Good deeds are necessary to show love but you must believe in Jesus and you must at least try to follow the age old saying, “what would Jesus do?” Remember Rapture will not stay. I am not trying to be offensive; remembering to serve is hard for everyone including me. Even the disciples failed to show love once in awhile, and I am sure that they broke God’s laws every so often, but they always repented and didn’t fall back on their good deeds. Okay yes some disciples did do the ‘look at all I’ve done for you Lord,’ thing, but they came around and saw their fault and repented. You must believe in Jesus to go to Heaven, but you also need to behave like a Christian, do your absolute best, that’s what God expects of us. The first step to truly being a Christian is to realize that Jesus loves you and me and the second is to show that love to others.

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