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Prayer blocks

Do you ever get ‘prayer’s-block’? Me too.
It’s hard isn’t it? To have your mind over taken by every-single-possible-thing you could think of and the one thing you can’t think of is your praying. When that happens to me I whine at God about not being able to concentrate and say things like, ‘if only you were easier to focus on.’ And, ‘if your presence was more clear right now I could do this better.’ Guess what? That never helps me focus. Sometimes I try God meditation. I put on soothing instrumental music and sit on the floor so my brain isn’t telling me to go to sleep like it does when I am on the couch trying to concentrate, and sometimes that helps. Sometimes lighting a candle or starting a fire, (in a pit preferably outside) helps. Or watching my horse graze. Or staring at the sky. Something that doesn’t take much effort but reminds me of how awesome God is. When none of the above works I switch tactics and I worship. Because I can always put on music and listen to the words about how awesome God is. I even found a radio station that plays worship time. It is literally a musician who is doing a guided worship for those of us struggling to concentrate. It’s called ‘power of worship radio’ for those of you who would like to try it.
Just remember. God loves you for your trying. Even if you are struggling to see Him and focus on Him, He sees your attempt and it makes Him happy.

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Open heart

Open heart

We all have a seed inside our hearts. A part of us that is undiscovered and trying to grow. A potential. A dream left to the wear of time and long since forgotten. Deep down in your heart, however, that dream left a seed. We all have someone we want to be. A chef, a weatherwoman, an accountant, a movie star. But to fulfill a dream takes hard work, good people, and a bull dog drive. Stats say that over 90% of people give up on their dreams instead of seeing them fulfilled. I think that is very sad. A dream is something important to us, and things that are important to us should be things we fight for. Sometimes we dream of being something that other people say we can’t be. An artist who can’t draw, or a musician who doesn’t know how to play. It is possible that maybe that means your true seed is growing into something else. Perhaps a music teacher or an art studio director. Don’t drop your dreams where you stand and move on. Sometimes the true dream is a vine of the original one. Fight for your dreams and water them. See what your seed grows. Like buying a surprise packaged of flower seeds at the plant store. All you can do is scatter them in the dirt and care for them. You know you want a flower, but what that flower looks like is entirely up to the seed. So you care for it and as it grows you love it more and get more excited to see what it will be.

Let your seed grow, and never give up on it.

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Light fills everything

Nations will come to your light,
and kings to the brightness of your dawn.
Isaiah 60:3

Today I came across this verse. It popped up on the Bible app I have as the verse of the day and it made me feel warm. There is a peace that follows this verse. In the mess of politics and undercutting and false accusations and true accusations that we see come out every election, God is still King; He is still on HIS throne.

The Canadian election is tomorrow and there has been so much garbage on the internet and so many opinions thrown around that it is clear to see that no one really knows what they want to see leading our country. Not another Ceaser, perhaps a new Alexander? We don’t want a Saul, we hope for a Soloman. What we are searching for however is clear, and it’s not a human authority. What our country really wants is a Jesus. Something in our souls and minds has been crying out for a Saviour and we think that the right political leader will be just that. Rule us into happiness. But that is not true. The only ruler who brings happiness is Jesus.
‘Kings to your light and nations to your dawn.’ We are dying for the light of Jesus to fix this world and we search in every sidewalk crack if every city hoping to find someone to fill the darkness of our society.
We need Jesus and our hearts know it.
But no matter where we are, who gets elected, what king usurps another, or what Coliseum falls, Jesus is still in control and eventually all will run to Him and find His light and that brings me peace.

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Se la ve’ is not a bad motto

It’s hard to be caring and to at the same time not care. We’re supposed to care for one another but are not supposed to react or care when negative things happen. It’s an uncomfortable balance because it is very hard to maintain. If you don’t care you won’t be effected, but if you don’t care than you can’t be a helping hand. So what do we do? I am starting to feel that a certain level of se la ve’ should be a portion of our lives. Then we can have an ‘oh whatever’ attitude when negative things happen to us. That way we brush them off and at the same time we don’t lose the caring part of us that helps others. That same caring part is the one that makes us oversensitive. So if we can harness it to a level of carefree-ness then maybe we can become sympathetic without being easily hurt or offended.
Obviously praying about this is a necessity because the balance is too hard to find on our own. I suppose it takes us back to the B attitudes. Studying them and memorizing them should be helpful in this situation.
It is about being carefree and not care less. To let go of offense and not let go of people. To be like Jesus.
Jesus never held an offense against an offender, He let go instantly and helped those who were in fault to see their error and change. Without the Holy Spirit guiding us this is an impossible goal to achieve. But. With God all things are possible, even reaching the impossible balance.