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Se la ve’ is not a bad motto

It’s hard to be caring and to at the same time not care. We’re supposed to care for one another but are not supposed to react or care when negative things happen. It’s an uncomfortable balance because it is very hard to maintain. If you don’t care you won’t be effected, but if you don’t care than you can’t be a helping hand. So what do we do? I am starting to feel that a certain level of se la ve’ should be a portion of our lives. Then we can have an ‘oh whatever’ attitude when negative things happen to us. That way we brush them off and at the same time we don’t lose the caring part of us that helps others. That same caring part is the one that makes us oversensitive. So if we can harness it to a level of carefree-ness then maybe we can become sympathetic without being easily hurt or offended.
Obviously praying about this is a necessity because the balance is too hard to find on our own. I suppose it takes us back to the B attitudes. Studying them and memorizing them should be helpful in this situation.
It is about being carefree and not care less. To let go of offense and not let go of people. To be like Jesus.
Jesus never held an offense against an offender, He let go instantly and helped those who were in fault to see their error and change. Without the Holy Spirit guiding us this is an impossible goal to achieve. But. With God all things are possible, even reaching the impossible balance.

2 thoughts on “Se la ve’ is not a bad motto

  1. My father, who is 90 years old and was a minister for 70 years has several sayings of life that have stuck with me. One is, ‘be like a duck and let negatives wash off your back like water ‘.

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