Learning to follow Jesus

When Jesus said ‘ drop your nets and follow me, ‘ it was a no-brainer for the disciples to follow the prince; when I think about it I imagine that I would follow willingly. Would I though? Would you?
I have known Jesus so long that I can’t imagine life without Him, but what about the disciples? They didn’t know Jesus, they may have heard the prophecies, but they couldn’t have known who this man was.
The Spirit caused them to follow Jesus. But without the Spirit would they have?
If we didn’t know Jesus, would we drop everything and follow him?
Without the Spirit would anyone follow Jesus? Or would we, out of fear of the unknown, choose to ignore the man on the shore. ‘There would be no greater shame than to return to Narnia knowing I had turned away from adventure because of fear’ -Repichipe.

To follow means to trust and in trust there is no fear.

One thought on “Learning to follow Jesus

  1. I am afraid that I would not follow Jesus because I always fear the unknown. I probably miss out on many blessings. I am thankful for the Holy Spirit’s faithful patience.

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