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Little is Much

Better is little with the fear of Jehovah, then great treasure and trouble therewith-Proverbs 15:16
One of Tolkien’s poems is about an Elvin treasure that has a deep magic upon it; Magic so deep that eventually the elves leave. During this poem a dwarf finds the treasure and delves deeper and deeper into the mountain until he is old, deaf and blind. A young dragon comes and kills the old dwarf taking his treasure. Latter the dragon is old, deaf and blind, when a young knight comes in and slays the dragon taking his treasure. Next the same happens to the knight and when the crusaders come he is also slain. The crusaders leave the treasure untouched and soon it is forgotten. A treasure that takes the very soul of a person, dragon, dwarf, is also like a coveted sin. Many have sins that they know deep down are wrong but they will not yield them. Those sins will eventually cause them great trouble. It is better to have a little and trust fully in God and serve him than to have great riches and power that eventually consume and destroy you.

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