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Laughing at yesterday

I know it is not scriptural, really, but when you think of it- discontentment can be such a subtle sin that we don’t even realize that it is there.
If only we could all laugh at yesterday and then forget all that went wrong and move on. We are all weak, and prone to sin, but the sins of yesterday are past and as long as we have asked for forgiveness we are all saved from them. As long as you can laugh at yesterday and smile at the possibilities of today nothing will hold you back.

We must learn to take our contentment from God and hold tight to His unchanging hand.

As my mother says: If we truly lived in contentment and fully trusted God how peaceful our lives could be. – Lynne VanBeek.

We can learn to not be discontented by trusting in God and knowing that somehow all things that happen to us are for our good, though we may not see it until the very end. Trust is Faith and Faith in God draws us closer to Him.

One thought on “Laughing at yesterday

  1. It is biblical. Godliness with contentment brings great gain. If only I could remember that when I’m freaking out. We have so much in North America. Most of us don’t have a thing to complain about. I wonder what Jesus feels, thinks or does when we complain. I wonder what his facial expression is.

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