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If is such a funny word. It can change anything just by existing. I am going for a walk…if. I will finally get my dream…..if. Or switch it around, if I get my wish. If I score that goal.
If changes things.
If. Jesus didn’t die.
If. It was all made up.
If. There is no world after this one.
The ifs suddenly look like a black hole don’t they?
If the ifs were true then there would be no point and the world would just burn. No Jesus means no salvation and IF we all just stop existing anyway then what’s the point?
Change the if to a why on the second one. Why would somone go to the trouble of making it all up, AND setting in place the evidence we have found? It would be ridiculous.
If there is no Heaven or hell and we all just stop existing then why do we exist at all? Because the world needed us? That is clearly not true, we are killing the world. Then why?
The truth is is that we could argue the ifs for years. Many have. But what it all comes down to is this. In our hearts we know the story is true. We have met Jesus and know Him. Then the ifs don’t matter.
One more if for everyone out there who still doesn’t believe.

                WHAT IF IT’S ALL TRUE?
Then where are you at the end?

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