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Hunted by the hound

I have wondered what the ‘hound of Heaven’ would look like. To be honest I often imagine the hound of the Baskerville. The one from the old BnW movie. Snarling teeth, drooling blood, the kind of animal you never want to meet. Today I was praying about it, just a quick thought in my morning and I got an image. Probably because God knows I couldn’t grasp what the real hound’s appearance would be he showed me a dog that I know, one that is part of my heart. I pictured my first dog. He, for some reason, was very regal and had a glow. He was strong in body but still had that goofy grin. My dog never had a strong body, we bought him from people who neglected him, he was sick his whole life, but strong in spirit. He never backed down and always sought those who needed love.
Don’t miss this.
God isn’t hunting after you with a destroyer bent on the taste of your blood. He is coming after you with a gentle friend who is bent on healing your heart. My Max was a sick poodle mix who trembled while moving forward, but his steadfast heart made him seek after the ones whose hearts were broken, his love helped heal many, that’s who is seeking after your heart today. Someone who wants you to know, “Jesus loves you!”

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