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Where is Jesus?

My aunt told me a story once. Her Church had put on a skit about Jesus and His relationship with us. In the skit, the main character decides to have his prayer time, he hadn’t done it all day and knew he needed to knuckle down. First a friend calls and offers to take the person to a football game. ‘Jesus’ puts on a jersey and gets ready to go, but the person tells the friend that he can’t go and needs to pray, so Jesus takes off the jersey and sits down. Next a friend offers to take the person to a concert, Jesus starts to put on his shoes to go but the person refuses the friend because he needs to pray. Jesus takes His shoes off and sits down again. A third time a friend calls and this time invites the person to a party and says that the person’s crush will be there, that convinces the person to give in and go, Jesus gets up to put His shoes back on but the person turns to him and says, ‘no, you stay here.’ Before leaving.
What’s the point?
Jesus isn’t the God of the moment you choose to read your Bible, but not God of the drive to work, the marathon you choose to run for cancer, or the afternoon you spend binging Netflix with your friend. He is the God of all of it. He wants you to have fun, but He wants you take him with you when you go to have that fun. He doesn’t want to be left behind to guard the sanctuary of your prayer room, He wants to go with you so He can guard the sanctuary of your heart. Jesus wants to be with you. And if you feel like you are going someplace you can’t take Him, then should you be going there in the first place?
Don’t leave Jesus on the cross. Let Him live in your heart and follow you where you go, as you follow where He leads you. 

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