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Be my neighbor…

Are we neighbor’s?

Who are you a neighbor to?

Mr. Roger’s theme song was always the best part of his show, to me at least.

ļŽ¼ what a beautiful day in the neighborhood, what a beautiful day for neighbors, won’t you be mine?ļŽ¼

So, how are we neighborly?

The pastor I heard this week said something really good, he said ‘we are neihbors by being selfless.’
Jesus was a great neighbor because He worked through compassion, but our thoughts get in they way and say, ‘but that person deserves what they get.’ Or ‘oh well, I tried.’ Or the most common, ‘I have problems too.’

Guess what? Jesus also had problems. And He knew better than anyone that we deserved what we got, but He never stops trying. He always reaches out a hand, no matter how many times we swat it away and say, ‘I’m doing it alone!’ He never turns away from our cries. He never gives up on us.

Jesus is our neighbor. Who are we neighbors to?

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