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On the move

The children of Isreal lived in tents for a long time. I, personally, love tenting. The rugged out doors, cooking over a fire, showers heated by solar power; Sand in your sleeping bag, a buddy system for walking to the bathroom because it’s dark. It’s great! For about a week. Could you imagine spending years in a tent? It would be managable, but not comfortable. And tents break. Much more easily than I thought they did. So you would be repairing constantly. So why were the children reduced to tenting? Because tents are mobile. They weren’t where they were supposed to be yet, so God didn’t let them settle down. He wanted to keep them moving so He kept them in tents.
If you are uncomfortable right now with life, it may be because God doesn’t want you to remain where you are, spiritually,  financially, geographically; God may be trying to keep you moving. He might be saying to not put dow roots, to stop building a foundation, because you aren’t where He wants you to be yet. Maybe He wants you to toss your tent in your rucksack and keep moving forward.

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