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The one with the magic

The Magician’s Assistant

The stage is saturated in fake fog. The lights are set low and a single spot lights up on stage. Out you step to the roar of the crowd and you begin your show. In the backgroud your assistant sweats and works as He pulls the cords and activates the sounds and releases trap doors, meanwhile you make elaborate hand gestures and cascade around the radious of your spotlight. In the end you sit on the edge of the stage signing autographs, and the hard working helper? He is still working to clean up the tricks before anyone comes and sees how the magician pulled it all off.
We are magician. Sitting on the edge of the stage, basking in the glory of what we accomplished. But it wasn’t us. How often do we take credit for what God has done? He sets the stage, He makes all the lights and props do what they are supposed to. He cleans up the mess we make. But do we even give Him the credit He deserves? Shouldn’t He be the one signing autographs?
We all need to remember to give the credit back to God. Because He should be the magician we assist. We are nothing amazing without God. No one is.

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