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Do all to the glory of God?
To do all to the glory of God sounds… difficult. How do we brush our teeth to God’s glory? Or wash the laundry? Or…ugh….do the dishes?
I once heard a pastor answer this question in the only way that actually makes sense.
‘Do all to the glory of God means to do all as if you were doing it with God. Do it all enthusiastically -if possible- and do it without grumbling.’
There is so much that feels like too much work, but if we are doing it with God than He will make our task easier. Perhaps not physically- but mentally, because we aren’t doing our task alone.
Today I was removing a tree branch that was over our driveway and scraped the roof of our vehicles. I set up a chair and got my hack saw rolling. I didn’t have a chain saw with me and was making do. It was a hard and tedious task but I felt joy in knowing that God was standing behind me, tugging back and forth on the saw as I did. My dog paced the base of the chair and looked at me, incredulous eyes burning with the question, “are you nuts!” Yes. Standing on a chair with a saw to remove a branch was stupid, even my dog could see it was unsafe. But I was fine because God helped me. And guess what? I failed. The branch didn’t budge. It was too thick to take off manually. God is always with you, helping you and guiding you, that doesn’t mean you will always succeed, sometimes it is just not possible for what you want to work out. Don’t worry. God will help you find a new solution. And because I did my best with a good attutude, I had fun trying.
Do all, to the glory of God.

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