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Fold your hands

Fold your hands.
Sit quietly.
Pray silently.
Keep it all in and don’t bother God with your pain.
How many “religious” people claim this to be how we must act with our all powerful God? Too many.
Fold your hands, close your eyes, listen to the pastor, but don’t ever bother God. Don’t cry to Him, don’t be angry in His presence, don’t mumble about your fear. Pray. Quietly.
That’s not who God is. God wants the real us. The tear drenched, heart shattered, screaming at the top of our lungs, us. The hurt and angry; just needing someone to talk to; someone to make it right, us. The too afraid to let our voices be heard aloud, us. Sometimes we need to pace and sweat and rip our souls apart when we pray; and that’s okay. Sometimes we don’t have words, just feelings, God understands still. Sometimes we laugh and smile as we talk to God; or get lost in song, and that’s fine too. God wants US. Our messes and failures, our victories and triumphs, He wants it all. Just pray- Don’t worry what it sounds like.

Image is ‘Worn out at eternity’s gate’ by Van-Gogh

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