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I may be afraid of my situation, But I am more afraid of losing heart in all this.-N

Fear. What an odd word. It’s one syllable, four letters, and has several contexts that it can be put into. Even though ‘fear’ is such a small word, it is a huge emotion. I once heard pain be refered to as the obliterator, because it takes away everything else. Pain and fear have the same result, they take away everything else. Fear clogs your senses, takes over your heart and mind until you have nothing else to give. Fear causes us to lose heart. Once we lose heart everything else slips along with it, our passion, our courage, our joy. Jesus said, “Take heart, for I have overcome the world.” Because He knew that human hearts were weak and we could easily lose ourselves in our fear. But Jesus has overcome fear and doubt, and when our hearts are in Him, we cannot lose hope.

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