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Darkness. What an interesting word. What do you feel when you read the word ‘darkness’? Do you feel afraid, sad, comforted, powerful, weak, safe? Darkness can mean so many things to so many people. I have never minded the dark. In the dark you can see the brightest stars, or feel the peace of the quiet that comes with the falling of night. Maybe an owl will join you and you can listen to her song. Who knows what will come in the dark? My friend hates the dark. She says it’s oppressive and suffocating. Bad things come out at night like thieves or raccoons. It depends on your outlook. But God is the light that dispels all darkness. What does that mean? It doesn’t mean that God rips back the night sky and fills it with light and all day sunshine -though if He chose to do that I wouldn’t mind, especially with this 4pm sunset we have right now- it means that God dispels the darkness within you. What darkness? Interesting question. We all have darkness in us because we all live in a fallen world. The darkness that the devil seeps into us through lies and fear, that is the darkness that God drives out. Some people see dark as power. People who want to scare people will claim the power from hell as a weapon, that’s a mistake. Sure the devil could give you dark power to use, but at what cost? Light is always more powerful than darkness. It can always break the dark and fill the area with itself. Jesus is light because light is power. Not dark. I want to claim Heaven as my weapon not hell. But Heaven is all sugar plums and cotton clouds, right? Wrong. Heaven is a fortress filled with powerful warriors that will come down from Heaven to fight for you! Jesus wins every battle, including the battle on the cross. Claim Heaven as your power and true power will fill you! And don’t be afraid of the dark, the light of the world lives in you.

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