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Why do we need pastors?

‘Why do we need pastors?’

This is a question that I have not heard spoken out loud in a long time, but through people’s actions and subtle hints behind their speech it is clear that this is still a pondering. To be honest, I have never really had an answer, until today. I like to do something different with God each day instead of having the prayer time each night. This is just me, not saying that a prayer list is a bad thing. Tonight I chose to read one of my dad’s books on Biblical study and finally I have the answer to that question I was asked so long ago: we need pastors to interpret.
You say, ‘but any adult can read the Bible, it’s not like it’s written in Pig Latten.’
True, but that’s not my point. As the book says, ‘we all read the Bible thinking our interpretation is the right one.’
But it’s easy to misinterpret. For example (my example is also borrowed from this book) in Romans 13:14 the King James version states ‘make not provision for the flesh to fulfill the lusts thereof.’
Where the New International Version explains that what Paul meant by “flesh” was sinful nature. If it wasn’t for the people who took the time to interpret this statement, we would believe that Paul meant our bodily comfort as so many assumed, but what he meant was the sinful nature that can come on us so easily. Pastors go to school and study the Bible, the interpretations, the deep delve discussions and weigh the different opinions against each other and  against what the Bible says long before they ever grace a Church platform. They study so they can teach us. We need pastors so we can understand without those four years of College. We need people who asked question and gotten answers to answer our questions so we can answer other people’s questions. And now that question that I had no answer to has been explained. We have pastors to interpret for us.

Ref. How to read the Bible for all it’s worth  

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