Merry Christmas!

It’s Christmas time they said, but I shook my head. Sure enough there was our grand old tree and Christmas songs playing just for me. But where was the noise, the laughter, the toys? Where were the people that usually graced our floors? Christmas? It can’t be. Not yet. Not like this. Remember, Christmas has rushes to stores, it has relatives coming and going in hordes, it has too much food and so many gifts. This can’t be Christmas, this quiet hush. Then a voice spoke to me, “I was not amongst the rush. The people, the presents, the shopping and more. None of that was part of my story, on that old barn floor. The night air was cold, not a relative to be seen, and yet, we were happy. We had each other. That’s what Christmas means.”
Perhaps that is why Christmas is different this year. Because Jesus was getting lost and His voice hard to hear. So now we are far from what normal may seem, but let us have that draw us closer to the old manger scene.

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