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Right from the fish’s mouth

Matthew 17:24-27
I have always found a profound sensation of peace and excitement when I read the story about Jesus and the coins in the fish’s mouth. God could have provided the money for them to enter the city in any sort of way. He could even have made the guards wave the fee, instead He put two coins in the mouth of a fish. A fish that just casually swam over to Jesus so He could retrieve the money. That’s amazing! Why would God do it this way? Perhaps to simply show us that He can provide in crazy ways that we would never have expected. I chose this image of a fish with three coins because it made me think of the way Jesus has paid for us. My family has three people in it and there are three coins, to me it reminds me that each of us has been paid for. (Yes. I know this is a Buddhist symbol. But I colored it and I choose what it means to me.) Why do we worry over finances, income, funding when God put money in a fish’s mouth? He can do anything. Just believe in Him.

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