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Deliver Us!

Deliver Us!

The Israelite people spent over 400 years in captivity, several of those years being worked literally to death as slaves. They prayed for deliverance constantly and for 400 years nothing happened, but they refused to give in and let their oppressors win because they knew what God had done for their people in the past and that the same God would save them.
Did they have days of doubt? Oh yes! Did they have days that they wanted to give up? Definitely! Did they have days when they wondered where God was? Of course. Did that stop God from saving them? No. It may have postponed their rescue, but their complaints and cries didn’t make God stop loving them, and because He is a loving God He saved them. He didn’t even save them in a typical ‘extract the prisoners’ fashion, He destroyed Egypt with His wonders. God Almighty sent His sword to make Pharaoh let His people go. He parted the sea! Not a river! A sea! He sent a pillar of fire and a cloud to guide them! He had birds bring them food! God Delivered His people in every possible way.
Whatever you are going through- No matter how hard or painful- God will deliver you! Keep your Faith and don’t give in. Some days it will be hard to be strong or brave but you still have to keep the Faith that God has a plan. Whatever, wherever, whoever your promised land is, God is taking you there, little by little, miracle by miracle. He will deliver you.

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