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Doing all I can

All I can do is what is in front of me, everything else is beyond my power.

We as people tend to work ourselves to distraction by constantly trying to accomplish more than we can even perceive. Planning for the future is good but when planning turns to working and the working is on something we don’t fully grasp than we can wear ourselves out. We feel lazy if we simply accomplish what needs doing today and then rest, we often instead accomplish our daily tasks plus others we need to do tomorrow. Sometimes that is good, but if we never rest we never recover or recharge. All we can do is what is before us, all else is out of our hands. It’s okay to stand still and trust God to take care of things. God determined each day what He was going to create and then at the end of that creation He stopped, then began creating again the next day. We assume that the only time God rested on the 7th day because that is the only time it was mentioned, but if God was creating all day and night then wouldn’t that be mentioned too? God set aside a day for each creation and did no more than He planned on for that day. We can do all we need to for the day and then rest, that is totally fine. We can’t control everything, God does that, all we can do is what is in front of us to do.

One thought on “Doing all I can

  1. Ok A few theological points. People may want to argue about the sabbath rest and notions of day and night, but the sentiment is a good one.


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