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Cling to it, don’t give up

Giving up is easier than trying in the beginning, but harder in the long run. If you give up you may never know what would have happened if you hadn’t given up, and keeping going may hurt in the beginning but will usually be worth it in the end. If you stop now and then later chose to start again all your previous hard work could be for nothing if you have to redo it. So in the end keeping going is the easier solution. Yes dreams, goals and ambitions can hurt; in fact they will hurt at times, but that only shows that they are something worth fighting for. Easy things are the things that fade, the hard things are the things that stick together. Fighting to keep your marriage together will be worth it in the end, fighting to drop your addiction, fighting to get the job you want, to finish school, to raise your kids right, to follow your dreams! If God is in them than they will be worth the struggle! His end is a perfect and happy ending.

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