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Lent devotional 8

So cool

My old math tutor, (I hate math, I have no shame in having had a tutor,) said to me once, “you don’t have to keep worrying about being cool after you stop being fourteen.” She was speaking of herself and a rather unattractive, yet warm, jacket she was wearing. I laughed. It was a laugh at the sad reality that hit me when she spoke those words, she was wrong. We try so hard in this world to be – for want of a better word – cool. We want the coolest toys, the coolest tools, the coolest jobs, the coolest friends; and like a seagull at McDonalds, society feeds us these things.

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“All you neighbors have it.”
“Every actress is drinking it.”    
“Every great man should own this.”

Even your everyday fellow shopper standing in line, “so what do you do for a living?”
You tell them,
“Oh really? Why not get a real job?”
………really guys?
Either you’ve heard this happen, or have been unfortunate enough to have it happen to you.
Ladies and gentlemen! You are great! You! As yourself! Doing what you do! You are God’s creation! Let me hear an ‘amen’ if that is good enough for you! …….Silence?
That’s the problem. God’s plan, the role He has given you for your life is no longer good enough, simply because some random person says so. That is sad don’t you think?
Who are we trying to impress? If we aren’t making God smile than who are we doing it for? Ourselves? Hm. Good point. Because God said ‘do everything that is right according to Lauren, and in all your ways make her happy.’ Oh, no, I suppose He didn’t say that.
Now that everyone is offended let me get to my point. It is totally fine to make yourself happy. But at what cost? Is trying to look cool, act cool or hang out with the ‘cool’ group making you truly happy? Or is it adding a lot of stress and work to your life? Or worse of all, is it taking away from who God intended you to be? The world doesn’t need another super star, it needs a -you-. Whoever you are, whatever you do, we out here need you! Let who God made you be enough. Let the fact that God loves you and is proud of you be all you need. After your fourteen, you don’t have to keep being cool anyway!

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