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Lent devotional 9

God will establish you.

The Bible often mentions how God will establish His people. But that word can bring about a variety of thoughts. I like to center around the first proper version of the word establish that is brought into our lives at a tender age -driving. When we drive we learn how to establish at an intersection. Some people establish way too much and risk getting dinged or stopping others from being able to move forward. Others don’t establish enough and can’t get through the light in time. There is a sweet spot when it comes to establishing, where you are just far enough ahead without being too far and that spot makes it easy to turn into the lane you want.
When God establishes us He sets us in that sweet spot, a spot perfect for moving forward into where we are meant to be. If we do it on our own we can wind up starting too fast and having a painful collision, or we can end up sitting waiting for an opening but being too far back to be able to seize it. If God establishes us than we end up in the perfect spot to move forward because He knows where that perfect spot is.

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