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Lent devotional 17


What do you think of when you think champion? For me I tend to imagine a horse robed in a winner’s mantel strutting down the greenway of a cross-country course. Some might imagine a boxer or martial artist standing in an arena, drenched in sweat, bleeding, a boxing judge holding up a hand as the crowd cheers….. I just pictured ‘Rocky’ didn’t I? Oh well, he’s an icon of the champion so it works, and his winning smile, (half crooked with pain, eyes swollen shut,) definitely shows the champion image of Christ on the cross better than most. He was beaten, sweaty, dirty, no smile on His face, but perhaps a look of peace as He hung His head for the last time as the Jesus the prophet. Soon to rise as Jesus the eternal King. That face is the face of champion who has suffered. The face of the champion horse and rider is usually a cleaner face…. unless his horse unseated him….. the face is still sweaty, the horse’s sides heave from the run, but a smile of victory hits their faces, the horse knows he has done well because his master pats him vigorously and the rider tilts his helmet to the judges before doing a lap around the arena, basking in his win. That is the face of the Jesus who has risen. It’s over! God is the victor! He rides through Heaven as the Angels and the Heavenly Hosts all cheer! Jesus gets to bask in His Father’s praise and love, greater a reward than any medal could be! Christ is our champion and that is the point of Easter!

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