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Lent devotional 18


So. I purchased a plant about a year ago that simply said ‘mexican hat’ also known as ‘dragon’s spine’. It is a green succulent with green buds that grow and drop and produce more plants. It seemed a little depressed lately so I pruned back the yellow leaves and left it alone. Then it grew a…. spiky…thing. I wasn’t sure if I should I leave the spike or cut it off but a gut feeling said leave it. So it grew and grew and grew until it was about a foot tall, then one morning, pop! Flowers emerged. Nothing I had read had said anything about flowers, but they are the most lovely pink flowers with a purple stock and stem. The Bible says that we will be pruned. That never sounds like fun. But sometimes God’s pruning can lead to something beautiful and unexpected. So ask yourself, ‘are my present struggles a pruning?’ Better yet ask God if they are, because if He says ‘yes’ then you will know that your path is right.

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