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Lent devotional 23

We all have someone who is our safe place, where we can go and are accepted unconditionally; Jesus is that safe place for me. Oh, I have others too, but Jesus is my first and most reliable.
Jesus is pure and perfect. Of all of us, He has the right and reason to be judgemental. Yet, if I come to Him broken and crying He comforts me, if I come to Him angry or afraid He guides me, If I bring my sins and lay them before Him He says “what sin?”
Jesus is my safe zone, the one I can go to no matter what and He won’t judge me or critisize me, He will just love me and help me as my friend and savior.
Jesus is your safe zone too. You may feel a little uncomfortable going to him, but once you begin to speak to Him you will feel better and you will see things through His eyes.
‘Thank you Jesus, for being my friend, and my safe zone.’

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