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Lent devotional 24

What’s on your mind?

When you ask if someone has a moment to talk, lot’s of times people will answer with ‘what’s on your mind?’
God already knows what’s on our minds, so why do talk to Him? Because God wants to be asked. God says to pray several times in the Bible. Why does He want us to pray? Because there needs to be effort on our part, if God simply gives us what we want all the time without our asking wouldn’t we end up never talking to God? Perhaps thinking that we are just ‘lucky’? Maybe thinking that we are so amazing we can provide all these ourselves? Forgetting that there is a God who rules and provides? Oh, quite easily. In fact we see God’s people (that’s us) doing exactly all these things in the Bible and in modern days. How does it go again? They had a time of abundant prosperity- without asking for it, God simply provided- then they began to sin against the Lord. If we ask then we remember to thank God when provided for. If we give time to God then we won’t forget who the miracle worker is, because it isn’t us. God still hears the yearnings of our heart, He still hears us when our souls cry out and we don’t have the words to say, but when we do have the words to say, He likes us to pray.

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