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Lent devotional 26

Just because you fail, doesn’t make you a failure.
Just because it hurts, doesn’t mean it can break you.
Because you cry, doesn’t mean you’re weak.
Sometimes being a hero simply means standing back up after you’ve fallen down. Sometimes the strongest thing you do in a day, is get out of bed.
Moving forward doesn’t always mean big steps, even if you fall onto your hands, you are still going forward, just stand back up and you’ll be further forward than you were before you fell. God has never turned away from the broken, or the hurting, or the lost. God has never turned away from the unsure, or those who simply don’t know what to pray, or those who don’t have it in them to pray that day. Jesus is the friend who walks beside you through the pain He never lets you go through it alone, give it all to Him and trust Him.

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