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Lent devotional 27

The struggle is real.

We all have seen the sign, T-shirt, Facebook meme, “the struggle is real”. It’s become a joke in many aspects, but how many have lived it? I know amazing people who have lost jobs, spouses, children, homes, and eventually their faith. We say Job testing, but thank God that most of us have never been that far down the broken road. Not because Job did anything wrong, but because his suffering was unmatched, there were times when I assumed God was speaking in parables but no, that amazing man truly went through all that. I know people who have been as close to a Job suffering as I have ever seen, and yet they never gave up or lost hope. These people have felt weak, like being strong hurt too much, but in those moments they chose not to be strong but to still be brave, because it takes courage to trust God. We can be weak, strength wasn’t what God told us to have, Faith is. Don’t give up!
Imagine what Jesus felt as He walked the road to The Skull? Do you think He felt strong? No. But He had Faith is His Father! Jesus knew that in the end God would be waiting with open arms, so He stumbled forward bravely. Thanks to Jesus we also get to have Him waiting for us at the end with open arms. He knows weariness and pain, don’t think that He doesn’t understand because He does. Only Jesus is worth our Hope, and because of Him we have hope.

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