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Lent devotional 31

Stormie Omartan once said that she didn’t truly feel open to God even though she had let Him into her life. Then she realized that the problem was that she had only let Him into one section of her life. He wanted all of her and so she had to start opening the doors to other parts of her life. Finances. Family. Loss. Gain. Relationships. Work. Dreams. Each time she opened a door God would embody that part of her and then knock on the next door. What about us? Are there doors we are keeping closed to God? What are you afraid to let Him take control of in your life? What am I afraid to let Him take control of in mine? Don’t forget, not ever! God loves you! He wants you and wants to take care of you! It’s His choice, and He chose to create you. Don’t forget that.

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