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Lent devotional 30

God made everything to work within his purpose. I brush my horse in the spring, his hair covers the ground with a blanket of fluff, then the birds collect the hair and line their nests with it. Everything has a purpose, and everything works according to his will. A person is born with epilepsy, suddenly the parents of that person see the world in a different way and create a clinic to help other children with the same disease. A brother with depression tries to commit suicide, his family suddenly see the pain in those around them that they hadn’t noticed before, so they start a Reach Out Ministry to help others who are struggling. You don’t know why you are suffering, you don’t know why those around you are suffering, but God has a purpose, if you open up to him. You may never even see that purpose fulfilled in your lifetime, all you can do is know God makes no mistakes, and that even your pain has a purpose.

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