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Lent devotional 39


It’s been hard work, everyone is tired, the teacher also feels weary.
“Okay class, today let’s take a break! We will sit outside, have a pick nick, discuss our lessons over the past few days, rest and pray.”
The class cheers!
Everyone races outside to greet the sunshine! The teacher smiles and follows behind, a hand touches his and looks to see one of the shy kids in the class, chewing a finger nail and timidly holding the teacher’s hand.
“What’s wrong? Aren’t you going to go play?” The teacher asks.
The little child shakes their head and steps closer to the teacher.
The teacher smiles, “why not?”
…the child looks at their feet, “I feel safer here with you.”
“Besides….you’re leaving soon aren’t you?”
The teacher sits on the school step and the child sets next to Him, “I am, but I will be back.”
“Still, how will I know it’s you when you come back?”
“Because I will still be your friend and teacher, I will still be the person that you know.”
“Won’t you look different?”
“Maybe a little, but have to go, it’s my duty.”
The child nods, “can I still stay her with you anyway?”
The teacher puts a gentle hand on the child’s shoulder, “you can stay here as long as like,  I all always here for you.”

As far as we know today was a day of rest for Jesus. What He and His followers did on this day is anyone’s guess, but a walk and a pick nick sounds nice to me so I imagine they did that…. though walking and eating outside was kind of their whole traveling agenda. All we know is that Jesus Knew He was leaving soon,  so He worked hard and was tired, so we guess this unaccounted for day was a day of rest. Imagine being the one follower who truly got that Jesus was leaving, it would be heartbreaking! You would want every moment closer to Him until He left! And to think, He died for me. For you. When you rest today, remember what Jesus has done for you.

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