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Lent devotional 40

Dinner with family

I can’t imagine the last supper’s emotions for Jesus. You are sitting at a table surrounded by friends, everyone is smiling and laughing and having a good time but you know you need to prepare them again for tomorrow, so you take a deep breath and let it all go. The smiles turn to horror as each begs to know who the traitor is. You smile sadly. You can’t tell them. There are too many hot heads in the group that would take down the traitor, and tomorow needs to happen. The meal goes on, sadly, quietly, ‘will they be ready? Can I prepare them more?’ A healing hug of comfort or two would help but none come, you know the only true comfort you need is God the Father, your Father and that when you seek Him He will strengthen you.
Just think, Jesus died so that you could also have the comfort from God, God will also strengthen you. Our friend and savior suffered so that when we suffer we can go to him. Before there was always a curtain, now there are open doors beckoning us in, ready to show us love.

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