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Grapes of forgiveness

You never know what another person is going through, and you never know why they react poisonously towards you. I would never justify somebody mistreating somebody else for a personal reason, but when you think that maybe they’ve had a rough day, or a rough week, it helps you to not feel so hurt by their actions. It’s not right to take out your own personal problems on somebody else, but lots of people do it and like the person standing too close to Godzilla’s tail you may be the one who gets crushed under their wrath. Again I’m not saying that that’s good or okay, but if you consider things from their point of view and, instead of reacting Let It Go-I say that one more time because it hurts-Let It Go, then not only will you not cause more problems for yourself but you may also cause that other person to feel a little bit guilty, and that guilt may cause them to re-evaluate their actions and they may even later apologize…..and they may not; just remember that the other person’s problem is not your fault and if you can, try to walk away without carrying the sting from how they’ve treated you with you because it’s not your burden to carry. If you can, try praying for them, not only is it biblically correct but you’d be amazed at the times when simply asking God to help the other person will cause that other person to react better to you. Again not always, but even if they don’t react better to you, you have still done the right thing.

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