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Seeds grow in their time

Before Jesus, all stories had a main character who came to fight to save people. After Jesus, most stories now have a main character who choses to die to save others. Even if they don’t know it, people have been influenced by the story of Jesus. We are called seed planters. Sometimes that doesn’t feel like enough, we feel like we need to witness the difference, like we need to preach at someone until they change and come to Jesus right there in front of us. That isn’t accurate though, we aren’t the ones who make people come to God, God is the one who makes people come to Himself. We don’t need to preach people to death because we feel we need to see the change, Jesus is working in those people, all you have to say is ‘Jesus loves you’, ‘Jesus will help you’, reflect on stories of how God has helped you or others, quote the Bible, these are seeds! Let the person ask you for more information and be ready to answer but don’t shove the gospel down their throat so much that they run away. At the same time don’t feel bad if who you have been speaking to doesn’t come to Jesus right then, you have planted the seed, you don’t know how or when that seed will grow, that’s up to God. We don’t change people, God does. We don’t fix the soul, God does. God influences people even when they don’t realize it, so if you have planted a seed you can know that God can make it grow.

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