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Listen to the voice

You know how when you’re watching a mystery, and you kind of get a feeling for who the bad guy is right away? That’s because the author has put small hints throughout the show as to who the criminal might be to guide us to the right guess.  In life, God who is the author of all things, puts feelings in us in relation to situations and people who might be dangerous. God is always working to keep us safe. He knows when you shouldn’t walk your dog after midnight down a dark street, He knows when that turn of phrase of facial expression with that person you were just with is more than just your imagination. God will always work to protect you, and if you have a feeling that something isn’t safe, pray about it. Maybe you have watched too much crime TV and now it’s in your head, but maybe it’s the Holy Spirit warning you about something. I remember walking my dog and feeling that I shouldn’t go our normal route, I also recall thinking that that was stupid and doing my route anyway. What I didn’t know was that the owners of one of the houses in that route had let their kid take care of their dog instead of the parents, so this large, aggressive dog was off leash on the road. She saw my dog and came at him, I was on my knees wrapping myself around my dog to protect him. He was so traumatized that he had never been the same. I should have listened to that voice because it was the Holy Spirit warning me. Sometimes however, even when we don’t listen to The Voice, God protects us anyways. That dog had attacked another dog recently before mine, so the owners had been forced to pull out all of her teeth, (which I feel is a little mean,) that meant that instead of her actually killing my dog (which you would have done if she had had a mouthful of teeth) all she managed to do was traumatize him mentally and bruise his body and pull a few of his ligaments. You could say it’s a coincidence, but I say that God knew I probably wouldn’t listen to that Voice so He made sure the attacking dog had no teeth to attack with. Don’t ignore the Holy Spirit, it will always end badly if you do.

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