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What makes Him a King?

I don’t want to be a Christian in name alone.

There was once a story about a prince who loved his people more than anything, he would dress up as them, leaving behind his royal clothes to dress as a soldier or a peasent so he could be with them, and in being with them he learned more about them and was able to be a better prince because of his love for his people. He said his reason was that he didn’t want to be a prince in name alone, but instead in action and record as someone who cared for his people. He is so like Jesus in that way. Our king came down from Heaven and went among us, caring for us, and loving us so we would know Him better. He has never been a king in name alone, but are we Christians in name alone? We claim to be Christians but we don’t act like it. I never want that to be me, but I know that there are days when it is. We need to have people be able to know we are Christians by our actions, by our love. Just like we know our God is good by His actions and love.

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