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I am on lend from God

I feel I’m rich already, seeing as I own myself- Mark Twain

There are days when we feel like the world owns every piece of us, and what it doesn’t own it wants, and then what is left feels like we are lending out all time to others until we are tapped out.
But what we forget is that we don’t belong to the world, nor to other people, we belong to ourselves and God and not in that order. God gave us dominion over our lives, meaning the only one who owns us is us, as Christians we give ourself back to God so He is our only true master, but this world and all in it are not our rulers nor do they own us. When we serve we do it because that’s what Christians do and it makes God happy, but the world has no right to demand until you are drawn, you are sharing the gift of yourself with others, not giving it away. God gave you you. And He is the only one who has a right over you. Yes it is good to serve others, but don’t let them own you. Trust me, they couldn’t afford to buy you away from God no matter how hard they tried. You are rich because you own a valuable gift from God, you.

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